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Day two...

the weather has cleared here, I walked for hours, at the turn of a forest road I met Ulrich, an old man a little crazy, then I say crazy, I'm a little too, because I'm here ... Ulrich said with a hoarse voice and serious:
"To find what you came looking guy, you will have to first find the fox the fox will guide you ...then he went, his long beard trailing behind him, I think it was a hermitte or something like that ... strange encounter. Only later in the day, I was sitting above a waterfall in the forest near a river. Below me I perceived suddenly a fox, the word of the old man came back to me immediately in mind,
"follow the fox. "
That is now three hours I watch this animal, I find myself now at the top of this cliff ...

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Très joli ! C'est un projet de bouquin les dessins avec ce renard qu'on voit partout ?
En tout cas je suis très très fan. Encore encore !

florian le Priol a dit…

Hello Mael ! merci !!! et non ce n'est pas un projet, c’est juste des petites illustrations perso pour se détendre à trois heure du matin :)